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Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr didn’t have his best day at the office against the Buffalo Bills, but I can assure you the former Fresno State signal-caller is taking every step to ensure he gets this offense rolling again. At 3-5 the Silver and Black don’t have much margin for error, and in the second half of the season they’ll need to get things ramped up if they want to have a shot of making the postseason. Wednesday afternoon, Carr met with media members to speak about the team’s preparation as they enter Week 9.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium:

Carr talked about the intensity level, and how the team is looking at the second half of the season.

“We’ve seen where we’re at, and we’ve seen what we have to do. Now it’s the leaders’ jobs, not only myself, there’s a lot of us on this team that have to make sure we’re pushing the intensity at practice because that’s really our first work day. The Tuesday practice is just a walk-through kind of deal. But today is really that day. We take it not only from the meeting room but to the field to make sure we’re finishing and doing those kinds of things right.”
No. 4 spoke about the return of running back Marshawn Lynch.

“I think that having him back, again I said it last week, having a teammate come back, whether they were injured or suspended, whatever it was, whenever they’re away, you miss them because they’re brothers. You spend so much time together and all of those things, so getting him back, obviously, everyone was excited to see him. Running up, seeing him, how’s he doing, all those kinds of things. I would say yes. To answer that absolutely. Anytime someone comes back, everyone is excited.”

He shared his thoughts on rookie safety Obi Melifonwu, and what his initial impressions have been of No. 20.

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“Crazy athletic. I think what he’s going to be really good at is being able to man-match tight ends. I really think that’s an advantage for him. Usually as a quarterback you see a safety and tight end, we like that. But Obi is the kind of guy who’s fast, he’s explosive. He’s strong and he really works hard. Every time he’s been running the scout team, he comes up to me and this is really the first time this has ever happened, you’ll like this. He came up to me and said, ‘Hey, man if I’m doing the look wrong or anything like that, tell me because I want to give you the best look.’ That just shows his selflessness. That just show how much he just wants to do it the right way.”

Carr commented on the current training conditions in Sarasota, Fla., and how the team is enjoying their time together.

“Obviously, the rooms are nice, we’re sleeping in good beds. The food is right there prepared for you, so there’s no time wasted there. We’re eating the right things. I mean there’s so much, but it starts with him [Owner Mark Davis] allowing us to be able to do this. It starts also with a vision form Coach Del Rio saying, ‘This is what we need to do in order to maximize our bodies and our minds for Sunday.’ Doing it a second time. I loved it the first time. It’s also, again I think we talked about it, it’s like a mini camp again where everyone is eating together. Everyone is going out to dinner together. Everyone is together, and It’s nice to not have to drive in traffic for a week.”

He finished his presser by explaining how the team has a sense of urgency, but isn’t overlooking the little things.

“We have to attack our process with urgency but don’t rush things when we get on the field. The preparation is where you get after it. The preparation of your body, training the mental side is where you get after it. Then when you get on the field you have to compete and just let it flow. I think we have a lot of guys, and you guys know I’ve been open about it, my mistake is trying to do too much for my team instead of letting our team just do it together. I’ll try to make a hero throw or a hero check or whatever it is. That’s my mistake. I think that’s more of what he’s talking about is be urgent in the preparation and the process, but we you get on the field, just cut it loose because we’re all talented enough to go out there and play well.”

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While they may not be obsessing over Anthony Barr’s season-altering hit on Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews has given some what-would-I-do thought to the hit.

The six-time Pro Bowl linebacker acknowledged he’s put a few hits on opposing quarterbacks over the years that rankled opponents and their fans, too.

Nevertheless, Matthews said he was surprised no flag was thrown on Barr, who hit Rodgers after the ball was gone — and appeared to take 1½ steps to get to Rodgers, plenty of time to have pulled up — and drove him into the turf.

Matthews said defenders usually deliver what he termed a “love tap” in which they push the quarterback but don’t tackle him, showing that they could have inflicted more damage but chose not to.

“After seeing it, I was surprised that he wasn’t flagged,” Matthews said. “Simply because, I’ve been hitting quarterbacks for almost a decade now, and generally when you see a quarterback get rid of the ball, you’re allowed to give him a shot (to) show that you pulled up on him.

“Obviously, more is going to be made out of it simply because our quarterback broke his collarbone. I’m not going to go as far as to say hits are dirty because I’m sure plenty of fans from all sorts of teams have said the same thing about me. It’s unfortunate it happened, but surprising that there wasn’t a flag.
“Obviously, I’m going to say I would’ve pulled off on that but if that was their quarterback, I think it’s at the statute of limitations where you need to pull off.”

Rodgers could be seen barking at Barr after he got up from the hit and was escorted to the sideline by medical staff. McCarthy said earlier this week that he believed Rodgers knew right away that the collarbone was broken.

Barr wasn’t flagged on the play, and McCarthy referred to some “bull (expletive)” that went on after the hit, as Rodgers was lying on his back in pain. McCarthy never said what he was referring to. Earlier this week, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer defended the hit as just part of football.

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Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix said that he believes he has a responsibility to protect offensive players from injury when he delivers a hit. He said when he was flagged and fined earlier this year for a hit on Chicago Bears wide receiver Joshua Bellamy, he was trying to avoid delivering a dangerous blow.

“With me, I look at it as if it was my son playing quarterback or it was my friend that I’m going against. This is a job. We all have a job to do. But we do this for fun. No one’s out here trying to hurt each other. That’s my take on it,” Clinton-Dix said. “You have some guys that have a different mindset, who want to be that guy to knock a great quarterback out of the game or whatever the case may be.

“With that play (by Barr), I really don’t think it was intentional. I don’t think he meant to do it on purpose. But he definitely knows better than that. Guys like A-Rod, you respect them so much to the point where I wouldn’t dare. If I got a chance to sack A-Rod or knock him out, I’d just go in and make a clean little tackle just to get him on the ground. I wouldn’t dare try to drive him into the ground. That’s understood. You don’t want to hurt a guy like that.”
Extra points

For the second straight day, the Packers had 14 players on their injury report, and their starting tackles — left tackle David Bakhtiari (hamstring) and right tackle Bryan Bulaga (concussion) — once again were listed as limited participants. Will they be ready for Sunday? “We’ll have two more days and then we’ll see where those guys are at and go from there,” offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett said. … Left guard Lane Taylor (ankle) and safety Morgan Burnett (hamstring) did not practice for the second straight day and appear unlikely to play. … Rookie outside linebacker Vince Biegel (foot) remains on the physically unable to perform list but practiced in pads for the first time Thursday. “(He) looked good,” McCarthy said. “Great to have him out there.”

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The play symbolized what’s worked well for the Washington Redskins’ offense — and why they remain dangerous. Quarterback Kirk Cousins dropped back, looked to his right only to dislike what he saw. So he scanned back to the other side, calmly delivering a strike to receiver Josh Doctson for a touchdown.

Cousins delivered the ball in a crisp 2.6 seconds because he knew how quickly to get off a read. He did so calmly because he knew the pass protection would give him time.

Despite losing Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson in the offseason, the Redskins’ offense still moves the ball among the best in the NFL. Washington ranks sixth in yards per game compared to third last season. The Redskins are 14th in points per game; they were 12th last season.

They have a quarterback who knows the offense well, playing behind a group that gives him time to scan the field. That’s enabled him to hit different receivers in key spots: on third down, for example, Cousins has connected at least twice with eight different targets. In 2016, through five games, he had connected at least twice with five different players.

There’s good and bad: The Redskins clearly would like a receiver to emerge; but it also means if the defense keys on one player then Cousins will find another. It also means they can flourish if one doesn’t, for a variety of reasons.

Credit coach Jay Gruden’s offensive design, too. Sunday’s use of the jet sweep action, and fake reverses, for example, cleared the way for multiple positive gains, including a 20-yard screen to Chris Thompson — the defense was outnumbered because of all the fakes. The Redskins have run the ball 40 more times in 2017 than at the same point a year ago.

All of this has put Cousins on quite a pace for 16 games: 28 touchdowns, six interceptions and 4,269 yards. He’s fifth in total QBR and third in passer rating.
The protection has mattered quite a bit. He’s thrown under duress an average of 6.8 times per game compared to 8.3 a year ago, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Sunday’s opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles — by far — have applied the most heat. Of the 34 dropbacks when Cousins has been considered under duress, 14 occurred against the Eagles.

Against San Francisco that protection was evident a number of times allowing Cousins, as one player said, to play as if it were seven-on-seven. The protection allowed him to make a good read on the touchdown pass to Doctson as Reed was snug between two defenders with a safety over the top. Cousins didn’t have to force the ball, so he worked back to the left and hit Doctson.

On his second touchdown pass, Cousins faked a handoff to Samaje Perine, looked to his right, worked back to the left and settled for a swing pass to Perine, who then scored. Cousins had 3.2 seconds to execute the play, an eternity in the NFL. But experience plus protection equaled a positive result.

Six players have caught between 10 and 18 passes; that’s not much different from the same point last season. The big change: Three are averaging more than 13 yards per catch — Thompson (18.89 yards), receiver Terrelle Pryor (13.06) and tight end Vernon Davis (20.45). After five games last season, only Jackson (15.44) was above that figure. The Redskins have found different ways to make big plays.

Some of that has occurred because play design and Cousins’ accuracy allows players to run after the catch. The Redskins average 7.34 yards after the catch this season compared to 4.76 and 4.94 the past two seasons, respectively. Thompson’s ability to turn short catches into long gains is a huge factor here. Other times it might be Cousins throwing to the correct shoulder. On a first-and-10 in the red zone Sunday, Cousins hit tight end Jordan Reed to his outside shoulder, giving him a chance to turn upfield away from pressure for six more yards.

But using all his targets stems from proper execution by many.

“It’s an indication of people doing their jobs, number one,” Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. “Any time we have a route combination, he trusts everybody involved in the pattern and he’s seeing things pretty clearly, getting to his right reads and right progressions. … It’s all about reading the defenses, going through your progressions and the line giving him time and then trusting the guys to make the plays for you.”

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All week, the Miami Dolphins have prepared as if two quarterbacks will play for the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.

Starter Marcus Mariota will be a game-time decision as a hamstring injury limited him this week. So if Mariota cannot play, the Titans will turn to veteran backup Matt Cassel.

When asked if it is annoying to prepare for two different players, Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake said all quarterbacks look the same to him when he’s lined up.

“Not at all, Wake said on Friday. “(For) me, personally, there is a blank spot in the backfield. I will get there no matter who’s standing in the spot, that’s just the way I look at it. Now of course, when somebody has the ball, or there are certain plays and things like that, you have to adjust the game plan a little bit, but at the end of the day, it’s nameless, faceless entities that you try to destroy every chance you get.”

In four games this season, Mariota has thrown for 792 yards, three touchdowns against three interceptions and has a quarterback rating of 79.8. In relief of Mariota against the Texans last week, Cassel finished 4-of-10 for 21 yards and two interceptions.

Mariota’s ability to run is the most significant difference between the two quarterbacks. He has ran for 116 yards and three touchdowns this season. Obviously, the Dolphins cheap authentic jerseys defense will have an advantage if Cassel is under center as opposed to Mariota.

“That’s the toughest thing when there’s an unknown here, especially with the differences in the two,” Dolphins head coach Adam Gase said. “If Marcus plays, it’s really an emphasis on one thing. If Matt plays, it probably changes for them.”
The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are on two entirely different sides of the equation when it comes to the NFL right now. Last season, Miami finished with a 10-6 record as they made the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Meanwhile, New York ended the year in last place in the AFC East with a 5-11 record.

There’s an outside chance the Jets might finish the 2017 season without a win. Despite the current state of the Jets, Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake still considers them a rival.

“From the moment I got here, obviously, a division rival, New York, Miami, whatever it may be, it’s always been a big game, a game circled on your calendar,” Wake said. “Again, they’ve had great teams, I think we’ve had great teams. We’ve had great games together, both ways. You just want to make sure that when you come out of that game, that you put a win in your column, because down the line, whether it’s for playoff standings, whatever it may be, you want to make sure that you can grab a win now when it’s early on in the season.”

New York has a 53-48-1 advantage in their series, but Miami swept the season series a year ago. No matter the record of the two teams, the Dolphins and Jets usually play each other tough.